WWA Making Good Progress in Working Towards Zero Carbon

We are at the halfway point in the year since WWA Studios set its ambitious target of reducing its carbon emissions by 15% over the year starting in July 2021 and thought it was time to provide an update on our progress.

Three specific areas are being targeted to reduce our carbon footprint that would achieve the 15% target:

  1. Reducing business travel by 25%
  2. Reducing staff car commute travel by 20%
  3. Reducing paper usage and waste by 10%

Our performance over the past 6 months is as follows:

  1. Reduce Business Travel – We are exactly on target at the halfway point. To help us achieve this goal we have an electric pool car for each office and the usage of these is set to increase which will ensure we meet our target at the end of the year.
  2. Reduce staff car commute – We are exceeding our target by 16% which is fantastic. Our policy changes to encourage working from home and sustainable travel methods are doing the trick!
  3. Reduce paper usage and waste – We are exceeding our target by a massive 35% which again is fantastic. A shift in electronic working methods is clearly reducing our paper usage considerably!

We are delighted that all of our hard work to be a zero-carbon business by 2030 is paying off and we will provide you with our year-end results which are looking promising!

Besides targeting carbon emission reduction in our business, we are also doing so through our designs. We have Certified Passive House Designers who are ready to assist you in achieving your carbon reduction goals. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if this is of interest.