Sheltered Housing Refurbishment

We were invited to look at proposals to upgrade and renovate 5 different sheltered housing schemes in South West London.

Our approach was to improve the entrance areas with new canopies, planting and lighting externally to redefine the schemes as an aspirational place to live and where possible, open up internal spaces creating light wells and seating areas.  We proposed to transform the underused communal areas into flexible, multi-use areas with improved access to circulation and external areas which will make these inviting places for residents to enjoy.  In addition to this we looked at the more practical aspects of improving access around the buildings, upgrading heating systems and improving security.

All of the properties struggled to connect to the garden areas.  We looked to improve the connection between internal and external spaces through introducing balconies, roof terraces and large glazed areas.  Through these interventions the lifespan of the schemes would be increased significantly and the living standards of the residents would improve drastically.

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