Public Consultations

Public consultation is a regulatory process that allows the voice of the public to be heard on matters that affect them. This is a crucial part of the planning process, the main goals of which are to improve efficiency, transparency and public involvement in development proposals and decision-making.

We have undertaken consultations on behalf of landowners, Local Authorities and Parish Councils, coordinating events to support the promotion of masterplans, planning applications and the promotion of land through Local Development Frameworks.

From early in the project process, we engage with residents, businesses, key stakeholders, and other interested parties, informing them of emerging plans and proposals and gathering information to identify potential conflicts that need resolving through the design process.

We are a full and active member of the Consultation Institute and its Charter of Best Practice Principles in all consultation undertaken.


  • Live Web-Consultations
  • Public Exhibitions
  • Statements of Community Involvement
  • Event Management
  • Media and Stakeholder Liaison
  • Publicity Resources
  • Graphic Design