Ramsworth Cottage

This new build replacement dwelling located in Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire is an example of rural living with a contemporary twist.  The Practice developed a series of contemporary details working with a traditional material palette and building typology, to provide modern comfort and style whilst respecting the natural setting and adjacent brick built farm buildings.

We provided Town Planning advice, architectural design and upon receiving planning permission also delivered the project through technical design and construction work stages.  The construction works were undertaken by County Construction (Oxon) Ltd. who finished the project to a high standard and on budget.

Though relatively traditional in appearance, the project features modern building technology to improve sustainability and energy conservation.  Heat energy is generated using an air-source heat pump fuelling the under floor heating.

The walls have significant insulated cavities (200mm) which decreases energy demand.  The design also includes generous roof overhangs to limit solar gain and therefore prevent overheating in the summer months.

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