Coney Croft

Coney Croft is a 4-bed residential property beside the River Thames which was constructed to replace a single storey property that was demolished as part of the project.

The new building was kept to the same scale as the original, but with its footprint moved towards the eastern boundary so that it sat more centrally on its plot allowing access to the rear garden from both sides of the property.

As the site sits within the flood plain, the new house was designed on a raised plinth to meet Environment Agency requirements.  To achieve maximum use of solar energy, pv solar panels have been integrated into the roof tiles and the main living areas are on the south elevation with bi-folding glazed doors.  A centrally located open plan kitchen provides a social hub to the building and allows easy access to all living spaces of the house.

Although the house has been designed with a traditional elevation and pitched roof, the use of carefully selected materials has given it a contemporary twist.

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