New Extra Care Scheme – Bulmer House, Petersfield

Housing 21’s project team are working on an exciting proposal to bring a new Extra Care scheme to the local area, consisting of 56 apartments, communal
areas and a day centre for over 55s on the site of Bulmer House located off Ramshill. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with Hampshire County Council and will offer 100% affordable homes for local people with care needs.

The previous planning application was refused in January 2022 and since then the project team have been working closely with the South Downs National Park Planners to create a revised design taking into account comments made at the Planning Committee.

Please take your time to click on the links to the boards to the right which provide further details of the project including the current site constraints, revised design and key design considerations. Also on the right is a feedback form and we welcome any feedback that you are able to provide. Your feedback is important to us and your comments will be taken into consideration, where possible, prior to us submitting a full planning application to South Downs National Park. The period for leaving comments will run from Monday 22nd August – Monday 12th September.

Privacy Statement

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Your identifiable, personal data will not be used for any other purposes without your consent. Housing 21 and West Waddy Archadia will use your data to:

  • Send you updates about the project (where you provide us with your contact details).
  • Develop a Statement of Community Consultation (or similar document) about this public consultation that will be submitted to the planning authority or similar body; this will be a publicly available document. Your comments will be anonymous, and we will only identify you in these reports with your express permission.

If you provide us with your contact details, we might also contact you to ask you more about the comments you’ve made.